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The Harry Potter franchise has an extremely high praise around it, with some saying it is the best series of books out there. This post will go over the first appearance of the Dementors in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.Warnings: Spoilers for Harry potter and the chamber of secrets, but spoilers are not present in blog post. Mild Language

================================================================================== ---------------------------Introduction to a fictional blog post titled "What Happens When You Die?" _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________Our bodies are made up of many intricate systems that intertwine to allow us to function as human beings on this earth. We have nervous systems, circulatory systems, respiratory systems, digestive systems, etc. One would think that at death all of these systems would cease to function. However, this is not the case.As discussed in the previous blog post, energy is transferred from our bodies to our brains during our lives. As long as our bodies are functioning properly there are continual flow of energies along "The Micro Cosmic Merge" which is the nameless energy passageway between our physical beings and our brains. When one dies this current dies with them because it's now no longer being supplied by the body. Thus causing brain to stop functioning immediately after death happens which causes all of your memories and experiences in life to instantly end with you. But what happens to memories and experiences that were transferred during the lifetime of our physical beings? Are they lost forever which is the common belief? Are they taken to heaven or hell depending on ones beliefs? Or are they now able to be viewed by the physical after death, that is if one takes up one's corpse and transports it home into their living room where it can observe the physical until its next reincarnation unless you choose to be cremated.The latter option is what I believe happens for all memories and experiences that are transferred during lifespan. Why? Because I believe vibrational frequencies of our brain or soul (whichever you may prefer) are capable of emitting energy in many different wavelengths. The frequency that our soul radiates is actually what allows us to be aware of other energies. For instance, the energy emitted by whatever you are currently reading this blog post on. This is because the computer or phone you are using to read this post emits photons which are the smallest particle of light energy. When your body senses these photons it reacts by producing hormones in your body which allow you to absorb information from what you are viewing on your device, i.e., these words (and images for those who view it visually). This is how photons give us sight, hearing, touch, feeling and taste.The human mind is capable of many things that we as humans take for granted every day. For instance, the human mind is capable of understanding two languages with over 50,000 words even though they are completely different. This is because our minds can understand not only the language with which these words are written (i.e., English), but also what they mean. Our minds can also understand numbers which is why we do not need to count every time we pass someone with numbers on their arms or head, but rather "see" the number in their aura so to speak. Just as our bodies receive energy from others around us through photons being absorbed by our bodies, so too does our consciousness receive energy from other physical beings or other energies.


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