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Buku, meaning "book", is the Turkish word for puzzle. From ancient times, each country has its own versions of these puzzles where parts are locked in place and players must create a path to the solution. The most common form of this game is known as "sapanca" where players take pieces with them through a maze until they can return to the beginning. The biggest difference between other puzzles and this one is that there are no rules or limits on where your pieces can go or what shape they have to be. In other puzzles if a piece is not touching another piece it can't move or change shape. The pieces used in this puzzle are trapeziums, triangles, and parallelograms.There are a lot of puzzles that require you to make a path for a marble or other object to get from point A to point B. In Turkish bukufisikadasartipler, solved pieces form the path that the marble follows. The puzzle box opens from either end and is divided into 5 horizontal rows of four squares each and one vertical row of four squares. In the middle there is a divider that separates each row from the next. Pieces are retrieved from ‘boxes’ on the side of the puzzle box. In each row there are four different color shapes: a trapezoid, a triangle, a rectangle, and a parallelogram. The pieces within each row must be put back in order - with the final piece being a rectangle. It doesn't matter which color goes in which row as long as they are in proper order.The goal is to create a path from one end of the puzzle box to another by removing or swapping pieces. In order to remove any piece at all you must have two adjacent pieces that can move out of the way to make room for it. If you're not sure where to start you can ask for help. After that you can either choose to assemble the puzzle on your own or complete it with the help of friends. The more people who work together on the puzzle, the faster it will be completed.The game ends when players remove all of the pieces from both labyrinths within the puzzle box or they run out of time. Players earn points for each piece removed and lose points if pieces are left behind. There are many different ways to solve this puzzle but there is only one solution that will earn players a perfect score for that round. The order of pieces needed for a perfect score:1. Trapezoid (red) - starts on top of divider in 5th row, 2nd from left. 2. Trapezoid (blue) - starts on top of divider in 4th row, 2nd from right. 3. Triangle (green) - Starts on bottom of 4th row, to the left of the red trapezoid. 4. Trapezoid (yellow) - Starts on bottom of 2nd row, second from right and three pieces above the green triangle piece. 5.


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